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We are a naturist club based in Leinster and affiliated to the Irish Naturist Association.

If you aren't sure what Naturism or Nudism really is, or are wondering what this whole clothing-optional business is about, basically we like to spend time without clothes if conditions are suitable.

Club Aquarius caters for all sections of society and we have a number of events through out the year that our members enjoy, from our regular pool swim, our picnics on a beach or on our land an hour's drive north of Dublin. We like to harness the positive powers of all our members and we value the input of all our members in the running of the club.

We have been careful to maintain gender balance in our membership and are open to all genuine naturist families and couples. Occasionally vacancies arise for a limited number of single people.

Naturism in Ireland

    The law in relation to public nudity in this country is such that it can be an offence, both under statute and at common law, for a person to expose him/herself in a public place, including private lands seen from a public place.

    The only way in which this situation can be changed is by amending legislation or preferably legislation specifically providing for naturist facilities.

    Further information can be found here on the INA website.

Do you feel like joining us ?

As Club Aquarius is a non-profit making club, membership charges are very reasonable. Please feel free to contact us for further details.


To celebrate 50 years of naturism in Ireland, the INA are organising a day at the beach. Please check out our "News" section for more details.

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